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A furious parent claims her daughter's school is a 'mini prison cheap jordan shoes camp for kids' after teachers removed her from lessons for wearing 'inappropriate shoes'.

Jodie Hartill said she is stunned that her 13-year-old daughter Jordan was cheap jordan shoes for men thrown out of class at De Warenne Academy for wearing shoes with a bow on them.

The 32-year-old of Denaby Main said the strict cheap jordan shoes for sale rules at the Conisbrough academy were getting out of hand

She added: "I only had a phone call from the cheap jordan shoes for sale online school the day before saying how well Jordan was doing and then the next day I'm getting a call to say she has been removed from lessons because of her shoes.

"The teacher told Jordan she should be ashamed of herself and take more pride in her appearance.

"She always goes to school looking smart, she was wearing black, flat, dolly shoes which is what the cheap jordan shoes from china school ask for but they said they were inappropriate because they had a bow on them.

"The school wont even let pupils wear a boot it has to be a black dolly shoe and that's what these were cheap jordan shoes online.

"I'm not saying pupils should be able to wear anything cheap jordans shoes they want but sending her out of lessons so she is missing out on her education just for having a bow on her shoes seems ridiculous.