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Swarms of fans came to greet Paul and Griffin cheap jordan sneakers anywhere they went. Yet Paul still said it doesn't compare to how fans react to seeing Jordan in China.

"He's the greatest of all time," Paul said. "My dad was a big fan of Michael Jordan. Obviously air jordan sneakers for sale me being from North Carolina, I was too. I remember staying up late every night trying to watch him and emulate him in the backyard."

Paul also remembers the first time he had the chance to meet Jordan cheap air jordan sneakers. He was in high school about to play in the All-America game, and at that point, Jordan was more a legend to him than a real person cheap jordans sneakers.

"Then when he actually walks in, I'll never forget jordan sneakers cheap, we were about to take a picture and he knew what my name was," Paul said. "That sort of blew me away. To have an opportunity to be with the brand, I have my ninth shoe now, MJ has given me so much advice. He's been the best mentor you could possibly have."

Paul and Griffin were rocking their new Jordan shoes everywhere they went jordan sneakers for sale. Paul's now on to the CP3.IV, while Griffin has the Superfly 4s. They talked during Q&As to fans about their history with Jordan, their desire to win and, of course, jordan sneakers online their shoes.