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A Goose Creek man told a Goose Creek Police officer that he was sitting on his friend's porch when another man approached him and demanded the $250 Air Jordan sneakers on his feet. When the victim refused, cheap authentic retro jordans the man punched him in the face and threatened to hit the victim with a dumbbell, according to the officer's report. The officer talked to the victim's friend who owns the house where the altercation took place, and he said that the shoes belong to the suspect, and that the suspect gave the shoes to someone else who gave them to the victim. The victim conceded that he got the shoes from a third party, but the officer said it is still not legal to assault someone, even if the ownership of the shoes is in question, and he took down a statement from the victim.
Shoplifting turns into a car chase

In the afternoon of Sept. 25, a Goose Creek police officer responded to a report of shoplifting at the Wal-Mart on St. James Avenue. The suspect had left by the time the officer got there, but the officer got a call that the suspect's car had been spotted in a Murphy's Oil parking lot. When the officer pulled into the parking lot, a woman standing by the suspected car looked at the police car, got into her vehicle and sped off, cheap retro jordans ignoring a stop sign at the exit of the station.

The officer followed her onto highway 176, where the suspect pulled around a car and onto the curb at the intersection with Plantation North Boulevard to turn right. At that point, the officer turned on the police car's lights and tried to make a traffic stop, but the suspect ignored the lights. The chase continued onto Two Hitch Road and into Persimmon Circle where the suspect ended up in a cul-de-sac and the officer got on a megaphone to tell her to stop.

She ignored the warning and drove around the officer cheap authentic jordan shoes. They made their way back out onto Plantation North Boulevard where another Goose Creek Police officer joined the pursuit. They continued down Plantation North until a tire on the suspect's car blew out. She turned into the Suntrust Bank parking lot on St. James Avenue, where the two officers got her out of the car and arrested her for reckless driving and failure to stop for blue lights. The officers also asked her about the shoplifting incident, and she admitted to taking items from the store and said cheap authentic jordans she could return them because she did not want to get into trouble. She was transported to the Berkeley County Detention Center.

The officer who first responded to the scene later discovered that she has three prior convictions for shoplifting cheap retro jordan shoes.